The Dollar Box

Dark Avengers #10

This is the second Dark Avengers I’ve grabbed, the other being #6 and like that issue this one has Marvel Boy on the cover but not on the pages inside. Sure he’s briefly mentioned in the text, but I hardly think that earns his presence on the cover. I call false advertising!

The Talisman #0

An actual dollar comic, this preview issue is Del Rey’s first venture into the medium. The art was pretty and the story did a nice job of setting up the series and getting me interested in more. Bound to be a solid start to their new path.

Web of Spider-Man #1

"3 amazing stories!" claims the cover. Not sure they were amazing, but they were pretty good.

Kaine in Echoes had Spidey villan Kaine chatting with some old friends about his life while he lay in a hospital bed. Not terribly original, but it was well exectuted.

The Spectacular Spider-Girl in Angels & Devils had Peter Parker’s daughter dealing with gangsters while battling nausea. (Something that didn’t help my own, unrelated, nausea.)

The Last Stand of the Fabulous Frog-Man had Frog-Man bugging Spider-Man, with interesting stylised art.

As a very, very casual of Spider-Man comics, I found all of these stories easy to follow and a good supplement to the title series.